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Management Improvement Coaching

  • In-depth personal strengths and weaknesses assessments
  • Clearly, objectively see how others see and hear you
  • How to see and use the best skills of others
  • Leader verses Manager – how to better connect
  • 90-day personal, confidential, improvement coaching sessions

Business Development and Sales Growth Workshops

Secrets to Reach Sales Goals Quicker (Talk & Workshop)

  • Employee empowerment – right people on the bus.
  • Focus on quality prospects.
  • Eliminating problems you don’t see – won’t be told.
  • Get inside secrets on competitors.
  • Identifying your “Hunters” and “Farmers.”

STAR™ Sales Success System (Sales Training)

  • Overcome fear of cold calls.
  • Getting the prospect to tell real pains/needs.
  • Leveraging others to expedite your results.

Strategic Planning for Measurable ROI (Talk & Retreat)

  • Key elements often overlooked.
  • Why most planning fails.
  • Getting everyone on board and accountable.

Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance (Workshop)

  • Beat the number one enemy of sales growth.
  • See your sales force weaknesses like you’ve never seen them before.
  • Learn how to hire great sales people every time.

What our clients had to say after attending our workshops:

“I learned more about common-sense marketing in a few minutes with you than I have in months reading related articles by so-called experts.”
C. E. Carter, CEO, Charter Pub.

“You did it! Not only were you "on target” with your audience assessments, you created one of the most interactive sessions I have observed."
J. Rader, Executive Director, TSMA

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"Your objective input enabled us to take significant steps toward improving our operations."
K. Lewis, CEO