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Our menu of "problem-oriented" services are delivered on an as-needed basis to fix problems. All projects are directed by seasoned professionals. We establish benchmarks to measure the client's return on investment from our services.

  1. Communications Audit
    The # 1 problem with organizations is poor communications!  We conduct a professional and objective assessment of all organization communications to find problems only an outsider can see. We then relate our objective findings to improvement recommendations.

  2. Strategic Planning
    We work with the management team to develop focused strategies for quicker growth and increased profits.
  3. Sales Team Improvement
    We can evaluate your team, identifying your strong and weak members. We teach new selling skills to achieve more profitable results - quickly. We offer inspiring pep talks to  kick-start your sales meetings.

    We coach low-performing employees to improve.

What our clients had to say after attending our workshops:

“Many said your was the best sales workshop they ever had!”
Emporia State Bank

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"Your objective and helpful input enabled us to take significant steps toward improving the value and operations of my company. You certainly delivered on what you promised."
K. Lewis, CEO